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Drive or Die


Hey. Back with some more. These were done over the recent week but instead of trying to remember what did I finished what, lemme just date them today & roll with it.
This first one is the main character from a story I keep scheming on doing.

It’s your typical revenge tale, only it involves samurai truckers. To be totally honest with you, the whole premise stems from me really wanting to draw a sword fight on the back of a moving semi.

Kinda like  level 3 of Fall of the Foot Clan, if you had a gameboy growing up.

Yeah. One of these days. But I got more pressing ideas to get to first. More soon.


Klang! Klang!


You know, after going so long without posting anything, I figured I’d do one big dump of the shit that’s popping up in my sketchbook. The following are about five pages worth from the one I’ve been carrying around recently. Most of it involves the project I’m working on, which is largely about space pirates. But there’s tons of random shit in there too. And a lot of heads. My favorite thing is probably the top left. Probably a bit old at this point, since that’s from the Winter, but that’s the opening page. It’s a kid clanging a machete against a severed mechanical arm. And I really have to work on guns. I know, I know, I know.
I realize too, I never posted my 30 Characters from this last years go around. I had a post going but it was a lot of back & forth posting & copy & pasting & a pain in the ass. I don’t know if I’ll still post it or just maybe throw some links to them or whatever. We’ll see. Anyway, back to the sketchbook…

Ugly Fucker… Only Says Ficus.


I posted a camera phone pic of this in progress a while ago. And I got working on stuff yesterday slightly more constructive than sketches, so I finished this, up (the last four sparks of it or whatever) even though it was started a while ago.

Anyway, I don’t know how many people will get the reference, but it’s an ugly, talking monkey from the future (thus the electricity, like because of Terminator). Get it? GET IT?!

This is the last one I had in the hopper before doing today’s.

Remember? That thing. Val Kilmer? You know!

Not Everybody’s got an Oscilloscope Sittin’ Around


So I’m sure we’re all pretty much on the same page with this Stokoe drawing Godzilla thing, right? Right. Ok. Cool.

Recently, I bought King Kong vs Godzilla. Besides the bullshit ending, I love that movie & it was amazing how much I could still quote it, considering how I haven’t watched it since I was eight (because of the bullshit ending). As a kid, I think my favorite was always Godzilla 1985. For no good reason. Though Bambi vs Godzilla might’ve played a hand in it.

Anyway, I don’t have easy access to an Oscilloscope, which is ingenious by the way. So I did the cop out comic translation trick & made him quote Denzel from Training Day. If that bugs you, count yourself lucky I didn’t draw the goggles on him from the time he battled Charles Barkley.

Follow The Money


Clarke Peters is a goddamn National Treasure. Lester Freamon may in fact be one of the coolest detectives in the history of detectives, & one of the best characters on the Wire. And I feel shitty that I kind of rushed this to move onto comics stuff I was working on but here it is. Anyway, I figured I’d have him  sitting back & etching away the details on some scale miniature furniture. Also, I realize now I forgot the straps on his glasses. Fuck.

In other news, last summer I started a bullshit tumblr for bullshit & inspirado. But earlier today, I started a sketch tumblr for my sketch stuff. I mean it’s the same stuff you’ll see here, but no notes & you know… tumblr. So if you’d rather follow that? Cool. Here’s the link.

“On the Internet, but Don’t Know Where to Go?! Try WEBSITES!


Seth Hurley gets what Seth Hurley wants. And Seth Hurley wanted Latin Radio Personality El Chupacabra & his long time caller ‘The Baby’ in a weird Marshall Bell/Kuato configuration. So that’s what this is.

Also, I suck at likenesses.

But I may try to draw El Chupacabra again. Next time possibly battling Cake Boss, Superman vs Ali Style.

Game On


Whaddup? What did I miss?

Largely, I blame Morgan Jeske for this. He’s doing dailies over on his tumblr, & it made me wanna get back in the habit. I’m starting off a lot smaller though. Mog’s are way more badassss!!

Anyway… Hey! Appleseed.

Found out, that even though I draw hair with generally a lot of volume, whenever I try to draw proper 80’s girl hair, it all comes out looking like April O’Neil. Sorry Deunan. Her & Briareos created by Shirow of course. And yeah, I drew this last week but I ‘m only getting around to scanning & posting it now. Originally, I took a camera phone pic & thought I should’ve waited to scan it. But then I scanned it & forgot I’ve got a shitty scanner. There’s more on the way.