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7/27/12 - Jonathan E.Houston. Jonathan E. Rollerball. 1975. If you don’t know it, we’re not friends. I’m serious. It’s awesome. And anyone who doesn’t get excited hearing the phrase “futuristic bloodsport” in any context? What the fuck is wrong with you? It’s a genre we need a lot more of.

I was going for something a little different when I started this one. Trying to do some Kirby foreshortening. Ultimately though, I should’ve started this on a new page of sketchbook, as it suddenly got really cramped & ended up stiff & boring as a result. And it looks little to nothing like James Caan. Whatever. It’s still a good movie. And you should watch it. Now. Even if you’ve already seen it before. And allow me to preemptively apologize ruining the upcoming Olympic Games for you. Because they won’t be as cool.

This is the last of the backlog I was posting. I keep trying to start this page, but of course it’s a real dick to get the perspective right in the panel that takes up nearly 2/3rds of it. So much so, I’ve actually taken it into a 3D program, which I think I’ve only done once before. Anyway, I’m going to try & have it ready in time for tomorrow. But if I don’t, know I’m working on it & you’ll see it soon.

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    2012/07/27 3:43 pm


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