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Here is a go at a mech robot design for a story I’ve been talking about since forever. One of the major hold ups is that I want to make a simple, yet iconic design for the mechs involved. I think this is the closest I’ve come to finding what I’m looking for. The top heavy, long armed frame is a nice start. I kind of spazzed on the head & hands a bit though as I was starting to spend a little too much time on them. And the abdomen. I figured it might be exposed gears, & maybe they pull this sort of sheet over those spots so there’s no detritus & micro meteorites getting lodged in there. Should probably do the same for the arm & leg joints too. All that & a few lines aside, this might be pretty close to a final design. Maybe a little boxier. Also, I feel obligated to put on some sort of kabuto horns like a gundam, but it really doesn’t feel all that natural & I can’t find a configuration that works for me. There’s no frame of reference for scale, but I’d imagine an average human would be 3/4’s of the head of this thing tall. They’d operate it through a cockpit up around the chest.

Now in the context of the story, imagine this thing, after crash landing on a planet with extreme climates, with a few makeshift parts, carrying a cable sword (Basically, think a crane arm with a superstrong, high tension wire  on the side acting as a swiping blade), fighting bandits & perhaps a giant alien or two. Yeah.

It’s a bummer the practicality of giant robots is so goddamn low. And while I’m usually that asshole that picks apart the practicality of something in fiction, I’ve always maintained a deliberate blindspot when it comes to giant robots. Because frankly, few things rank cooler.

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