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Say a Prayer for Surfboy


Adios, EspositoHeaven & Hell. A play by Max Fischer. Performed by the Max Fischer Players. Staged at Rushmore Academy.

Sorry there’s no thin Futura anywhere in this post. Might’ve seen a camera phone pic the other day. But here it is just slightly clearer. Drawn mostly from memory.

In other news, I think in the future, instead of pin ups & fanart, I might try to stick an honest to god comic page up in here among the dailies. It’s ambitious for me, but I really need to work on my speed. And while I’ll keep them chronological, it might be a page of whatever thing I feel like working on that day. Because in my case, speed takes practice, but focus may require medication. So be on the look out. Eventually. Right now, I’m still posting from a bit of a backlog.

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