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Pulling a Trigger is like Ordering Takeout


The Raid is still my movie of the year. Only thing left that looks to possibly fucks with it any in my books, is probably Looper. But lemme tell ya, that’s got some goddamn stiff competition.

If you haven’t seen it, the best way to describe The Raid, speaking of time travel, is an action movie cast back to our time from a brutal future. Like an evolutionary epoch. There’s hardly any bullshit & the chaos pops off immediately. And while the whole thing’s got some pretty awesome things happening throughout (machete death squads, capoeira sweep kicks on tables covered in cocaine, etc), nothing compare to Yayan Ruhian’s Mad Dog.

It may say something about me as a person, but I found myself rooting for him at times, despite the fact he’s a murderous psychopath. I mean he’s got that Akuma thing. He’s giving you all the opportunity in the world to beat him. He’s actually looking for a challenge. You’re just going to have to kill him. Which, given his skill is a damn near impossible feat.

Basically, in a movie that’s got the best fight scenes in almost a decade, this guy is easily the best fighter, bad guy or not.

Spoiler Alert: He broke that guy’s neck & now he’s collecting a bounty.

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