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Klang! Klang!


You know, after going so long without posting anything, I figured I’d do one big dump of the shit that’s popping up in my sketchbook. The following are about five pages worth from the one I’ve been carrying around recently. Most of it involves the project I’m working on, which is largely about space pirates. But there’s tons of random shit in there too. And a lot of heads. My favorite thing is probably the top left. Probably a bit old at this point, since that’s from the Winter, but that’s the opening page. It’s a kid clanging a machete against a severed mechanical arm. And I really have to work on guns. I know, I know, I know.
I realize too, I never posted my 30 Characters from this last years go around. I had a post going but it was a lot of back & forth posting & copy & pasting & a pain in the ass. I don’t know if I’ll still post it or just maybe throw some links to them or whatever. We’ll see. Anyway, back to the sketchbook…

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