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Not Everybody’s got an Oscilloscope Sittin’ Around


So I’m sure we’re all pretty much on the same page with this Stokoe drawing Godzilla thing, right? Right. Ok. Cool.

Recently, I bought King Kong vs Godzilla. Besides the bullshit ending, I love that movie & it was amazing how much I could still quote it, considering how I haven’t watched it since I was eight (because of the bullshit ending). As a kid, I think my favorite was always Godzilla 1985. For no good reason. Though Bambi vs Godzilla might’ve played a hand in it.

Anyway, I don’t have easy access to an Oscilloscope, which is ingenious by the way. So I did the cop out comic translation trick & made him quote Denzel from Training Day. If that bugs you, count yourself lucky I didn’t draw the goggles on him from the time he battled Charles Barkley.

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