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Whaddup? What did I miss?

Largely, I blame Morgan Jeske for this. He’s doing dailies over on his tumblr, & it made me wanna get back in the habit. I’m starting off a lot smaller though. Mog’s are way more badassss!!

Anyway… Hey! Appleseed.

Found out, that even though I draw hair with generally a lot of volume, whenever I try to draw proper 80’s girl hair, it all comes out looking like April O’Neil. Sorry Deunan. Her & Briareos created by Shirow of course. And yeah, I drew this last week but I ‘m only getting around to scanning & posting it now. Originally, I took a camera phone pic & thought I should’ve waited to scan it. But then I scanned it & forgot I’ve got a shitty scanner. There’s more on the way.

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