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Death Favours the Enemy


Panel that I’ve had done for a bit, from that Mech thing I’ve had going on. Later on, there’s going to be all sorts of crazy HUD Holograms glowing white & floating around the whole cockpit to really give it that sensory overload sensation. Show there’s more data being thrown at her than a modern human can handle, what with this being the future & all.

Originally, those big dial looking things were actually mist emitters that spray a cloud of water vapor molecules to give the holographic light something to bounce off of. But then I started questioning how all that would all work in the zero gravity of this mech she’s piloting. Then I started wondering if I should just make all the holograms she’s seeing projections from mental augmenting implants, because there’s going to be one that follows her around most of the story, even outside the mech anyway. Then, I started wondering why the fuck I read so much goddamn Shirow as a little kid & care that much about all this shit that would kind of all just be a given in other people’s stuff. But whatever. Those are where the holograms are getting projected from in the robot.

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