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Poison Thrower


One of those situations where I started doing a warm up sketch & it got crazy & I went overboard. Bowie the Poison Thrower (and Zazu) from James Stokoe‘s Orc Stain. It’s really the one comic coming out regularly enough these days I really give a shit about. The book always looked good, but Issue 6 ends on a beat that made me actually g0 “oh shit” audibly out of visceral reaction. First thing in a long while to get me to do that.

I started this as a warm up yesterday on a whim that she seemed like a neat character to draw. I had half of Zazu filled in (& probably went too poofy) before cursing ligne claire on twitter & realizing I hadn’t even started on the stuff I was intending to do at that point. So I got to work, but went back to it a couple of times between panels & finished it just now, while still being able to pencil a page & a half more of TransModo. More of that soonish.

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