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Fish is Practically a Vegetable


Didn’t forget about dailies. I just got a bit lazy about posting these right away. I’ve got two for you here.

Firstly, I know every time I start this up I’ve got to draw some sort of Tetsuo, so that obligation’s met. Here I was aiming for towards the end, just before the final blobby freak out sequence where he gets all nuts & giant baby like. Really liked the look of the white spikes & the random tactical vest he pulled off some dead soldier. I was entertaining the thought of drawing some fighter jets going down in the background but it was getting late. I know the proportions are a little fucked. But whatever I was happy with it for how fast I did it. And speeding up’s part of the plan here.

Unfortunately I didn’t get much of a chance to work on my comic last night, but that was more from the fact I was visiting with my dad earlier in the evening & he’s moving to Atlanta. I could kind of do this in the background & not actively think about what I was doing, while still bonding over some of those horrible pawn-themed reality shows that have seemed to sweep cable before he leaves. When I got home I figured I’d just do another sketch to get today’s out the way. And while I usually get super slow at likenesses, this one just seemed to fly, taking only about a half hour.

Okay, so it’s not perfect, but it was fast. Parks & Rec’s Ron Swanson. And yes, if you are familiar with the show, he is wearing his Tiger Woods reds. I almost went with the Bobby Knight ensemble from the recent episode where he coaches a youth basketball league or even the Duke Silver get-up. But the Tiger Woods is like Ron Swanson Classic. I tried drawing him before, on account of both his greatness & how weirdly intense his face is. This ended up turning out much better, I think. If you’re not familiar, just let this helpful diagram give you a pretty thorough introduction, or even better, a handy explanation of this diagram.

Also, I know I said I was going to try it out & give it a week in the last post, but I took my ugly mug down off the header, because really, who the fuck needs that looking back at them? You poor souls. I’m sorry for even entertaining the idea. Today I have to do some work related stuff & then make some calls, but hopefully before this afternoon I can sit back at the drawing table & get some more work done on my main project.

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  1. 2011/03/23 10:59 am

    as usual, you never cease to stop amazing me. i’m loving the details on the tactical vest! i kinda feel like i’m wearing it as i’m looking at it…


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