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Deeply Rooted Masochism


So things on my end have been nuts lately, yourselves? (Can’t hear you, but if felt polite to ask) After a series of nutty events the past few months, things are leveling back out. Not getting better, just leveling out. And with this lull in the madness I’ve been threatening to reboot the daily sketches. Why? D’fuck should I know? My guess is also the title of this very post. But I’ve decided the daily thing’s what’s going to happen.

In all seriousness, I’m vowing not to kill myself over it if I miss days like I used to. And generally, I’m not looking to put the same time into them like I did some of the other sketches before, which ended up taking a while sometimes. I need to speed up, but mostly I need to discipline myself more. So that’s what this is going to be about this time. And even though I say this every time I set out to do this, this time I SWEAR IT.

Ok, let’s get to this particular sketch. In theory, I’m not officially counting this, but I feel weird sometimes posting on what’s supposed to be a “sketchblog” without some kind of art. This wasn’t today. It’s old. From months ago, actually. A concept from a webcomic idea Sean Witzke & I were kicking around about a team of science students. Instead of the type of team leader you usually find in regular comics, we were opting for more of a short plucky lesbian that knew karate. When you first see her, she’s dressed like this, but then she picks out some patriotic lab attire & the science stuff was to happen. Anyway, we’re both working on other things now, so who knows if we’ll come back to it, but it was a fun little idea.

While mulling the daily sketch thing, I actually have been working on a comic that I’ve been threatening to work on forever. Basicially, I stopped procrastinating & just forced myself to sit down & just fucking do it already. And it’s been ok. Things are finally clicking, & despite a few external setbacks, I’m making progress. Hopefully, I’ll have some sneak peeks of that to show soon. But yeah, people. I miss the sketch thing. I usually do a little something each day, but whenever I aim to do a full, postable thing each day, I feel like I start to get into a zone. Hopefully if I can manage it right & make time for both, I’ll be able to be in that zone while finally getting shit done. Fingers crossed.

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