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Sloane Leong is a chaotic tornado of both comics creation & resource. Not only does she post her own amazing comic work, she’s one of the founders of Escape from Suicide Wolf Forest, a great collective blog that tries to cover all aspects of sequential art & its creation. She also started one of the better inspiration Tumblrs out there, for my money. Anyway, Sloane rocks.

On her sketch Tumblr, she’s been having this character duo pop up lately. The girl’s named Salatis, but the fluffy, multi-eyed parasite scarf thing’s called Manus. I thought it was an awesome idea & wanted to take  a shot drawing the two characters. So here they are. I realized I kind of glazed over the hands. Otherwise, I think it’s ok-ish.

And yeah, after that General Treister picture I did a little bit ago, I wanted to try more Kirby dots for space. This time I tried it digitally. Didn’t like the result as much so I guess I have to practice with it more.

In other news, the series of articles Sean Witzke & I are doing rolls on. This time, we talked about one of my artist picks with Seth Fisher. You can read it at his site, which you can get to by clicking this link. Fisher’s one of those artists that has a small, but crazy influential body of work. I’ve always really liked his art. Unfortunately though, if you do a search for his name, most of what you find are dated news articles on his untimely passing, rather than people appreciating his stuff. When Sean proposed this whole exchange, talking about artists who don’t get talked about enough, Fisher popped right out at me. So go check it out, won’tcha?

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