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There Will Be A Reckoning


Hey actual comics! These are a bit old. I did them originally on Void but then finished them for an anthology that never seemed to happen, the theme to which was just “water”. It’s going on two years at this point so I’m just going to post these as it wasn’t anything I was doing for pay anyway.

The story’s pretty basic. To the point of just being really silly actually. Really the only thing I wanted to focus on with this was the storytelling itself. I practiced a lot with trying to lead the eye about the page. Some pages might be a little busy for it but whatever.  Oh & since this was originally formatted for print, some of the pages are double page spreads, while most are just facing pages. It just seemed cleaner to post it like this. The double pagers were done on 11×14 sheets of bristol, while the single pages are obviously half that. It’s small, sure but the anthology was originally at 5.5×7.5. And yes, it’s ridiculous.

EDIT – So Photobucket decided to be an Asshole & just randomly delete one of my images without any sort of notification as it somehow violated their terms or some bullshit. Anyway, I’ve reloaded the image & thus, the “update.” Sorry.

See? I actually do comics. Sometimes.

I did recently try my hand at talking about them with Sean Witzke, in a series we’re doing about artists we don’t think are getting the credit they’re due much online. We started off with Art Adams here. Check it out, will ya?

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  1. 2011/02/10 3:21 pm

    I actually really like the “busy” parts, they give my eye a lot to do. Favourites, I guess, are pages 3, 12, 14/15, 22, 24. Nice stuff!

  2. fowlie permalink
    2011/02/12 2:53 pm

    “See? I actually do comics. Sometimes.”

    You drew this comic like a year and a half ago. You just finished coloring it and redid the last few pages, you bum!

    • 2011/02/13 1:00 am

      I said they were old. But I finished them much sooner than you’re thinking. I had these things finalized for the original deadline of that anthology. Which came & went. I’d been sitting on these finished pages for a while.

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