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Billions of Blundering Bashi-Bazouks!


Still playing catch up with things on here. This was done for a Tintin for the Holidays thing headed up by Joe Keatinge. The idea I had for mine was to draw Tintin in a found image (here just off the Plaza Del Sol in Madrid), & add some ominous looking spy types behind him to give it the same effect you get at the end of Beck’s Devil’s Haircut video directed by Mark Romanek. I was really trying to play up the ligne claire thing but I started to really run out of time & I had to finish this roughly around the same time I had to begin moving into my new place. Also, it’s kind of small here, so a lot of details get muddled. Overall though, I kind of like how it all turned out. If you get a moment, you should definitely spend it looking at all of the Tintin for the Holidays stuff, with art by people like Andre Szymanowicz, Moritat, & Brandon Graham, & then an interview with Brandon Graham about Herge. It’s some very cool stuff. Anyway, Part One Part Two Part Three

Oh, & the title of this post is something that sounded like a Haddock-ism.

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  1. Signe permalink
    2011/12/17 2:20 pm

    I really love the detail in this, and you’ve captured Tintin’s quizical expression so well too.

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