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“There is one thing that might could cure me: ALIEN TECHNOLOGY!!”


Howdy, Homeslices.

So as part of Sean Witzke‘s X-Mas Present, I drew this picture of General Treister from the Venture Brothers. Skip this next bit if you hate spoilers. I’d say about until the next paragraph to be safe. But How Fucking Awesome was that Finale? For the longest time Col. Hunter Gathers was the best character on the show, which is among best shows ever in my book. And I thought the Nick Fury/Hunter Thompson Combo would in fact be impossible to beat. Then what do they do? Combine General Thunderbolt Ross with Teddy Roosevelt & give the voice duties to Toby Huss. Are you kidding me?! I will say that I was slightly dismayed to find out that he wasn’t in fact, an actual Hulk. That was really the only big disappointment of the whole finale for me. But then, to find out that it was all an elaborate rouse to make everyone think he’s crazy? This, as he’s draped in Old Glory, prepping to fire himself blindly into outer space on the outside chance an alien will grab his carcass & cure him of his testicular cancer?! Are you kidding me? No more characters need be created. Treister’s the best. Hands down. And while I don’t think he meant it entirely as a compliment, it warmed my heart to hear Witzke liken him to me. So he’s got the original as part of his X-Mas gift.

Also, this was my first time trying Kirby dots. A lot of fun, but something I could definitely lose myself in. They’re not as stark here as they ar in the original line art, but I think the effect still comes across.

So let’s see, what else has been up?

I finished the 30 Character thing. Got all 30, with a couple that were doubles even. But in order to finish, most of the final ones were just sketches. And I was really hoping to clean them up & color them before posting them here. I might still be doing that, but to be honest, I think I’d much rather get to work on other new stuff. In one form or another, they’ll be posted here at some point. In the meant time, check out this for a listing of all of them.

I moved to a new place. It’s directly across the street from my old place. Ultimately, it’s not too drastic a change, but at least now, there’s no salsa music coming from the floor below, or old drunkards collapsing in the stairwell. So there’s a plus! And the sucky thing about the move was it happened over the holidays. So a big thanks to Witzke, my girlfriend Angie, my friends Shaun & Kate, & my dad for all of their help with everything.

Ok, enough diary bullshit though. This is a goddamn sketch blog. And while I don’t think daily’s going to work, I’m going to really get shit going soon. I need to! The only obstacle in my way right now is sorting out the hoarding disaster that is my still-packed up new apartment. Once things get settled, I’m going to hit things hard. Or maybe even just keep drawing, & leave the place a mess. The drawing’s a perfect excuse! Anyway, more stuff soon. I VOW IT!

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