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X-Men Baby Stuff, Homes.


Literally, all I wrote was:

Gang enforcer. A Heavy in every sense of the word. Like Godzilla but twice as bad.

Really, this guy started off as just a name. A name I loved the shit out of, after mishearing the nickname of a death row inmate in some prison documentary. I never really did anything with it but imagined he’d be a gang leader that was one of the main villains in the story the Bandit character was from. But that was a post apocalypse kind of thing & here I was trying to catch him in more of a present day, street level setting. I started drawing this before bed one night, & woke up the next day wondering why I drew Big Pun. Despite realizing the similarity, I was kinda just like fuck it, & kept going with it. I imagine he’s built more like a Wilson Fisk though. A fat fucker that’s concealing a shitload of muscle.

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