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Ready to be Shot into Space, Ready to Sacrifice Himself for the Greater Good


Last one for the immediate future. Maybe some more tomorrow or something. Again, let me just grab the bs I typed up on the 30Characters site for the description.

A “necessary casualty of progress” is what they called him. The space race was on after all. So after a bit of “training,” they dressed him up in a fancy little suit & strapped him into the center of a rocket. He hardly knew any better. He assumed he’d be getting a banana for his troubles. Then came launch. The noise, the vibration, the chaos. It was all a bit much. Then the floating. That wasn’t so bad. But it went on for a while. Then came the light.You see, they fired his capsule right into the path of a gamma ray burst. Just to see what would happen. The result? One spurned space Simian hopped up on all sorts of cosmic radiation. After a long, cold trip to the outer reaches of our solar system & around again, he’s back, & livid. NASA never prepared for this contingency. Who can stop this monkey menace?

This is probably my favorite of the characters out of this thing so far. Before I started drawing for this whole challenge thing, I went & jotted down a bunch of random brainstorming starts. Like El Presidente Magnifico, I mentioned started with ‘luchador in a business suit.’ Certainly nothing developed, just a good starting line. On that list, I had two different things: Atomic Ghost & Space Monkey. As cool as both sounded, for some reason, listing them so close together, I wondered what it would be like to merge the two. I’m glad I did. And while I might’ve shorted myself another character that would’ve put me ahead on the count, I’m really liking this, which usually, I don’t do with my stuff.

And the name was provided by, well the Greeks originally. But then it was suggested by Sean Witzke, who just collaborated with Matt Seneca on this pretty badass Steranko piece. Go read yourself about some comics why dontcha?

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