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To Whom Speed Means Freedom of the Soul


Still playing catch up.

In the 60′s, a French driver tore up the European auto-racing standings; a woman named Monique DeVitesse. Some said her talent was almost unholy, as she coldly left her top competitors in the dust. That was until a tragic accident during the ’68 Monaco Grand Prix when DeVitesse’s pit crew decided to try a new grade of fuel. The flames were intense. So intense, no one thought twice when little trace of a body was found.Now there are rumors that DeVitesse (or someone… or something bearing her likeness) is back. And looking to reclaim the top of the racing ranks. Some claim that the only difference between the Monique of yesteryear, & this new, ominous one, are the retractable horns & tail. With the help of her demonic cherub pit crew that appear & disappears in puffs of acrid black smoke, the Hell on Wheels racing team is looking for a few trophies. And souls.

This is one of the couple I’ve done that I’m not necessarily happy with. Ideally, it was supposed to be a mix of Modesty Blaise, Grand Prix, & Ghost Rider; but I ended up getting a little distracted, but it’s more like a cheesecake-y, demonic Penelope Pitstop. I do kind of like the cherub pit crew that appears & disappears when needed (or not) in puffs of smoke & brimstone.

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