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The Mighty Fall at Last, to be No More Than Dust Before the Wind


Well that didn’t seem to go quite as I planned.

Still trying to do the 30Characters thing. And for the most part I have been in some capacity. But I put off posting here because I did want to clean these up & refine them some. And having let some of them get out of hand, I fell behind. Anyway, after more than two weeks, here is the one I did for day 2 finally colored. As a matter of fact, I’ve got the first 6 colored & ready to post here. I kinda want to milk them for separate posts, but don’t want to fill up anyone’s RSS or spam twitter. So I’ll maybe post another in the morning.

I’m getting told not to color them. But, ultimately, the goal I’ve kind of set for myself is to composite them all into one big group shot by the end of this whole thing. But today’s day 17 & I’ve only posted the first 10. I’ve got another 6 in the works. I will catch up.

Anyway, here’s day two. Let me just quote the BS description I posted on the other site:

Kannon is essentially a Geisha Gun Witch, inspired by watching the trailer for Seijun Suzuki’s Pistol Opera. A natural markswoman (marksperson?), it is rumored that at any one moment, she’s carrying an arsenal large enough to outfit a full battalion. To some, it’s downright impossible, almost supernatural. What only supports these claims is her unspoken bond with a large, hellish, blind wolf simply called Ichi. Some claim it’s not a pet, but a familiar as the ominous canine often acts as her ears & nose. Not so much eyes. Working mostly as an assassin, clients find that she picks & chooses her jobs for reasons unrelated to money. Everyone has their own theories about her shrouded past, but at the end of the day, they all share the same uneasy feeling in her presence.

I got carried away with the details on this one. I got too into adding things that are ultimately hard to see in the scan, like barbed wire weaved into her hair & bandoleers wrapped around her obi. Even speed loaders faceted onto a ribbon she wears around her shoulders. And it’s probably something everyone already gets but her name comes from the Japanese Bodhisattva of Mercy. Probably should’ve counted the wolf as its own character too but that feels like cheating to me.

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