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We Can Make the Best of it in this Post Apocalypse


Getting things going again here. I signed up for the 30Character Challenge a lot of webcomics people are doing this month. I mean NaNoWriMo sounds fun & all, but I’m a visual guy. With the 30Character thing, the goal is quite simply to create a character for each day there is in the month of November. Here’s my first contribution, a robot kid named THiO.  I was thinking in terms of like a lead in an all-ages story, though it might have grown a bit darker & meaner over the execution. Basically, this little guy’s like a robotic version of the 80’s My Buddy dolls, programmed to be the best friend of whichever kid is lucky enough to receive one. But then some shit went down & the world goes all nuclear desert. The robot gets reactivated & its programming forces him to seek out his best friend, even though he has no knowledge of how much time has past or if he’ll find him or not. Meanwhile, everyone’s after him because the batteries he uses to stay online are essentially currency.

I was originally trying to go a little Tezuka, but the detailing got the better of me & it ended up being more like Darrow’s Rusty the Boy Robot design (which was definitely my thought with the shoe). But I dunno. I’d like to think that was kind of a decent start. I might even whip up a few pages for this. Anyway, this is number one in a series of another twenty-nine throughout the month. I got a list going. Basically it’s ideas of characters I thought would be cool to create, but never took the time to actually make anything out of. It’s a lot of ___ meets ___ kind of stuff. But chances are, I might just work on the fly & only refer to that as a last resort. At any rate, there will definitely be more to follow.

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  1. 2010/11/04 10:22 am

    I want a ThiO of my own!!! So rad, I really like this. Especially the bits blown from his face.


  1. placeholder « supervillain.

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