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What Kind of Beast Kills For Pay?


Quick as hell Snuff Box era Matt Berry for you all. It was a warm up. I was going to draw him sitting at in the chair enjoying a whiskey but instead, I opted to go & get some more gun-in-hand practice. Because I need that. So here he is with a luger, presumably after stigmata-ing Rich Fulcher for his childhood diaries. For some reason the eyes scanned a little out of whack. I’ll fix that when I’m not busy prepping for NYCC.

Oh, & if you need a Rich Fulcher to go with it, I did a Bob Fossil forever ago. That counts, right?

So yeah. Today, I’m getting my shit together to go to NYCC. Third year I’ve been there. But I’m not packed or anything yet, & I really gotta go figure out what I’m doing as far as all that goes, but I wanted to address a couple items while I’ve got you here.

First of all, I plug Sean’s site a lot but he’s been really fucking killing it lately with his recent pieces on awesome comics. Shit’s been so good it’s damn near criminal. What’s actually criminal is the lack of attention it’s seeming to get, because of how just nice it is. Aside from that, there’s another point of business too.  And in all honestly, I haven’t been able to read it yet, but he also contributed to the online mag of the fairly awesome Mindless Ones. Be far cooler than I & read it before me. That means right now.

Oh, but real quick, right before that if you got the twitter, go over to send some digital well wishes to Sloane, who’s going in for surgery sometime around the time of this post. She’s one of the most metal people I know so she’s better equipped to handle it than most, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go over & be all like, ‘Hey Sloane, Speedy Recovery!’ because she’s insanely fucking awesome, & I mean that’s just the decent thing to do. What? You don’t have time for that? What kind of person are you? How can you look at yourself in the mirror? You disgust me!

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