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New Adventures in Absolutely Nothing


Nothing to post lately because nothing’s been worth posting. Kind of a drought. In the past couple of days, I’ve been pushing my way through it & might get things going again here soon. For instance, I’ve been starting & restarting this one comic over & over again. It begins with a body floating in space. And the pose never looked right & drove me absolutely bat shit. Then the other day, out of the blue, I saw a random life study someone did in like 3 seconds & the pose is not only a lot easier, it’s also better for the composition & getting the point across to the reader. But it’s things like that. Just a lot of ‘ugh’ But I think it’s going away. So be ready. Anyway, thanks if you’re still about.

Meanwhile, check out Sean‘s. He’s been putting a shit load of time & energy into discussing movies everyone should be watching. And it’s a fucking great list with even better reflections on what’s being listed. This being his 5th year at it, you can really see that the kid’s on top of his shit! Go read it. Now! Even though Aliens isn’t number 1. And it doesn’t have Trading Places on it.

Or Black Rain. Or Hackers.

Or even Robot Jox for that matter. And Mystery Train?!

Anyway: No Star Wars…

Part 1: 100-76

Part 2: 75-51

Part 3: 50-41

Part 4: 40-31

Part 5: 30-21

Part 6: 20-11

Part 7: 10-1

With Sean’s instance, I’ve been kicking around the idea of writing a supplemental thing to go with it. Or maybe a smaller, unranked list or some shit. So that may or may not becoming soon. He did however talk me into doing one of those influence map meme things that are going around, which is kind of an achievement as I’m not an art meme kinda guy.

Ripped from the Pages of Seventeen & Tigerbeat to give me Low Self-Esteem

I also realized that I totally forgot Bachalo, who’s early Generation X run & Steampunk were a pretty big influence on me in the day. Also I didn’t mention directors by name. As bullshit as it is, I lumped Kurosawa in with Samurai movies in my head when I started running out of room. Also, I wish I coulda nabbed a way better Moebius panel but I only had a Spanish scan of Airtight Garage on my desktop when I made this. End of the day, I should’t have done the bulk of this at 4am.

In other news, Entervoid (the comic site I hang out on not the Gaspar Noe film coming out) has really been kicking lately. Lots of tournaments with a lot of new faces & cool stuff happening. Definitely worth a peek if you got the time to give it a look.

Check back, there should be some new stuff fairly soon.

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  1. 2010/09/11 11:18 pm

    I’ve never seen an influence map before, that’s really friggen neat!

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