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“I Toldja, I Got All The Help I Need.”


Django. From the eponymous, morbid Italian Western. I’ve been on sort of a kick lately. Probably in no small thanks to Red Dead Redemption. But Django’s one of those movies where, sure, the execution might not be the greatest; but there’s some awesome ideas that really still manage to just make it great. Same Lone Man scenario as Yojimbo, but it’s been homaged itself by the likes of Cowboy Bebop. If you don’t know the contents of the coffin, I’m not about to ruin it for you. But I think it’s on the list for greatest moments in all of (maybe at least action) cinema.

Also? One of the better theme songs. Like Ever. While the vocals are badass, the guitar instrumental rules!

When I drew this, I was telling Sean I might do an Italian cinema week, but the only things I really wanted to draw were like this & maybe Diabolik. He suggested that I also draw the part in Tenebre where John Saxon gets killed like a bitch. But like any other right-thinking person, Enter The Dragon left me with a very extreme distaste for John Saxon (Gah! I hate him so much!). And that would entail me drawing him. Which, yeah, fuck that. So I cut to the chase & just marked the one gravestone with Saxon’s name. Though if you ask me, he doesn’t deserve a marked grave… SAXON!!

At some point, I’ll do a Diabolik…

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