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A Very Ominous Assignment With Overtones of Extreme Personal Danger


Try & sue me, RodwellTintin books are among some of my favorite books. And I’m counting all books. Perhaps it’s mostly because I’ve been reading them since I was a kid. For me, there’s just some inescapable nostalgia factor to them. The funny thing was I stumbled upon them through happenstance.

When I was little, we went to the library in our school & were instructed to take out a book. Just because even as a kid, I was a lazy asshole, I walked over to where they kept their comics not only because I loved comics, but they were also a shorter read. I was looking for a Far Side or Calvin & Hobbes collection, but of the three my school had, they were already checked out. Through name recognition alone, the next choice was one of those insipid Garfield collections. Not out of any love of Garfield mind you. But then my buzzkill of a teacher decreed suddenly that comics didn’t count. That’s when I looked over a little further & saw the Tintin books.

The first one I looked at was the Black Isle, which was the later revised copy with the tighter detail. It was way fucking better than anything of Jim Davis’. In fact it blew me away, & I was mad at everyone that I wasn’t told of it sooner. While it’s not even the strongest of Tintin adventures, I dug it, a lot! And then I looked on the back to see that there were others books like this, & even better my library had its own fair share. So there I was greedily grabbing volume after volume of this comic that I’d never heard of before. Even better, the teacher also hadn’t heard of it either, as she didn’t even attempt to stop me. “You’re not picking other comics are you?” I waved them at her quickly, as if to push the bluff further. “Of course not! You said no comics.” Dumbass. And then I went home & read four volumes twice each that same night so I could go back & check out more.

I could keep going, but this is supposed to be a sketchblog dammit!!

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  1. dontworryaboutit permalink
    2012/11/23 11:40 pm

    why would you use a fear and loathing quote for a tin tin picture?

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