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Making the Other Bastards Die For Theirs


Just in case you’re not sick of this character yet. A couple more studies in my sketchbook. I usually colorize everything to sorta match the site here, so it’s hard to tell, but I tried red graphite with these. Like what you see here, is straight up (aside from a few compositional things) what’s in my sketchbook. I think it looks great, & scans well too. And I really dig the look of the the regular graphite going over top.

Anyway, this pilot girl is high-strung, cocky as hell, & she curses. A lot. I keep drawing but I don’t think I’m ever capturing her right, because looking back, all the past images have been either calm & demure or just plain neutral. When I’m writing her, she’s way more intense. Basically, a lil’ like Patton. In case you can’t read it, that balloon reads “Mother-Fucking Evisceration.” She’s looking way, way too cartoon-y there (the proportions are horrid), but the emotion’s pretty close.

I realize this is two in a row, but I was on a roll with doing concept art for this thing. I promise something different for tomorrow.

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