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Hotpants For Henshin Chicks


This started out as a random chick in my sketchbook, but then I started thinking I was going to turn it into a character from a project Sean & I were working on. But then I didn’t really finish it up to make it that other character. At the same time, she could still kinda be that character, just lacking some of the extra accouterments.

That story started with both of us reading some ridiculous Kamen Rider manga & wanting to do a crazy action comic. But we both kind of went in two different directions with it & it didn’t anywhere. So we shelved it until we had some stuff worth adding to it. What we had so far was working pretty ok, just nowhere to go with it. But there were faces getting punched through. Ninja cultist. Herculean Mummies on Fire, Green Fire.

To make it distinctively the character from our comic, she’d need a domino mask, a snazzier design to the jacket & hotpants, & probably shin/elbow pads. The thought was that she transforms or whatever kamen rider style, & then decks it out a bit differently before going out for action that evening. Like I wanted to give her a red scarf, only on account of the better Henshin characters having red scarves. But I always thought it was silly when the scarf comes with the cosmic transformation that gives you powers.

I’ve already written a novel with this one, but I think I may have worked out some new angles for this one in my head as I’m talking about it. Sean, expect an email shortly.

In other news, that’s one week down & response has been great! Thanks for the support & kind words everyone, both on & offline. Hope to keep this pace. More on the way!


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