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People Don’t Name High Schools After Robots


And we are back…

I’m relaunching this with a sketch up I had originally intended to post prior to my old scanner screwing the pooch. It’s once again from my giant robot story. After a valiant dogfight in orbit, the heroine’s mech has just crashed onto the planet’s harsh surface. Raised primarily on ships & stations, this is her first time ever making landfall, so she’s sneaking a glimpse despite it being frigid & fairly radioactive. The pose came from an uncharacteristically calm picture of Jemina Pearl during a live show. I’m not the type to use it for everything, but I’ll use photoref when I see a photo I think works really well, & this is one of those occasions.

Also, the title of this post comes from a quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson, referring to the astronaut program vs unmanned missions. I’m desperately looking to somehow work it into this story, on account of it working pretty well.

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