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Didja Really Think That Was It? Didja Really Think It Was Going to be That Easy?


Hiya. Shit, s’been a while.

At present, there’s no new art to post but I did just want to inform anyone out there still reading/following that earlier this morning, I was finally able to get my shit together & I ordered a brand new A3 scanner. It should be here in about a week or so. But it means I’ll be able to post things again, & if I get a couple of other prior obligations done first, I’m hoping to try & shoot for doing daily sketches again come June. So hey! That’s cool.

While I got you here, in lieu of having my own stuff to show off, I figured I might as well link you fine people to some of the sites I’ve been hitting up lately & think you all might like. Coincidentally, they’re all tumblr’s, but don’t worry, they’re all very nice tumblr’s, so don’tcha dare groan. At some point, I’ll add these to my blogroll proper but at the moment, I’d really rather spend that time drawing right now.

Evan Dahm, friend, Void alum,  & creator of the incredibly badass Rice Boy & Order of Tales webcomics started one up not too long ago. He was doing sketches for a while, a lot of Tolkien. But right now con season’s got him hopping & dude still has comics that need to get drawn so it’s all cool. While you’re there, click over to the Rice Boy site & pick up the fancy new print editions he’s got out. Just be sure to save me one!

Steven Sanders started a sketchblog. Dude’s great. Dude’s better than great. What’s on there’s awesome. My favorite at the moment’s the Casanova piece, but it’s all badass. I’m following & eagerly awaiting more.

Another amazing Void artist, Sloane Leong started a tumblr too. More of an inspiration hub, it’s a lot like a “best of” of a “best of,” if that makes the slightest bit of sense. Almost everything in there is bound to catch your eye & make you wanna draw. Right now, Sloane managed to Tom Hanks-Out, go up against a volcano & win. She’s in Europe at the moment (killin’ it, I presume).

Oh, & because I still need some proper reference for this Giant Robot Barbarian comic I’m planning on doing: Mech Love Not War, simply because Giant Robots rule, goddammit.

Alright. Enough of that. Let me get back to drawing so I have some new shit ready when my fancy new scanner gets here. Til then.

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