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Charlie Foxtrot


So two months ago, I set out to revive my blog to do sketches each day. It was fun, albeit a bit hectic to get back in the swing of things. And while I promised myself not to get too wrapped up in it making sure I finished each sketch & had it posted by Midnight of each night, I did. But it was cool. I managed a month & felt I was finally getting back in the proper groove. That’s when my P.O.S. Lexmark All-in-One that I was using to scan things started to go on me. I thought I could manage but then I’d try to scan something & it’d just make motor noises or freeze Photoshop to the point of a hard reboot. I started missing a post here & there on account of it, until it just seemed to go. Now I find myself in a situation where I have a sketch blog but only post ugly blocks of apologetic text instead of actual sketches.

I’ve been looking at new scanners, but because of recent developments I’ll get into later, I’m looking for it to be a bit more upscale. Problem is with taxes coming up & me being freelance, I’m trying to conserve as much cash as I can at the moment. In the meantime, my older, even crappier quality scanner that I had packed away doesn’t have drivers online anymore & I’ll be damned if I can find the cd. Seriously. I tried.

Here we are, the beginning of March & I haven’t posted anything in nearly three weeks. It’d be silly to keep pretending this sketch blog is “Daily” at this point. So once again, this is me both humbly apologizing & ridiculously appreciative to everyone who’s continued to check back for new stuff. Sorry! Thank you!

While this string of consecutive dailies is certainly blown, I’m not the kind of guy to NOT draw at least something at some point each day. I do have a majority of unscanned material from February. Some of it needs a bit more sprucing & finalizing then others, & at this point it’s a bit sketchy to me about what was drawn on what day, but I have stuff ready to show. The problem is getting it here. And while they may not be as stringently Daily as before, the sketches will continue once that problem’s resolved.

Admittedly, in the past few weeks though, without a working scanner; instead of investing all that time buried in my sketchbooks, I have been diverting some of that same focus into script writing. It’s for the giant robot story I’ve posted designs for in bits & pieces. The sketching I’ve been doing’s largely been more concept stuff. And as recently as this past weekend, I started proper thumbing & began work on the first page spread. I don’t know if everyone’s going to like it, but I’ve gotten good response to the few details I’ve let slip to people face to face, & I know I dig the hell out of it, but I’m biased. While it’s something I’m going to try & talk to publishers about, I won’t keep it too top secret as work progresses. Hell, you’ve already seen a little. So there’s that too.

Hope I haven’t upset anyone too much with this. I’m already quite upset myself. Again, I can’t express how grateful I am for all the support & encouragement I got when I started this. It has really meant a huge deal! While the daily thing’s kind of out the window, I really hope you all keep checking back once I am able to show off new art!!

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