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Waylayed by Some Kind of Jackassery


Just as I was catching up last night, my scanner decided to pull a fast one & start giving me shit. I didn’t get it to work proper & not just make the motor noise or scan & then freeze until about fifteen minutes ago. So here you are. As I keep threatening to do more backgrounds, in hopes of avoiding Tokyo style sprawl for the umpteenth billion time, I dug out some old travel guides. Problem was, they ended up mostly being Tokyo or Japan. I did have a couple of European ones though. One was this kind of silly souvenir photo book I got from I think my mother’s trip to a travel conference in Amsterdam from like ten years ago. Every picture in this thing looks pretty much exactly the same. Similar looking Narrow building/Bridge across a Canal/Dutch person on a bike. But there was one weird photo in there of this weird corner cafe. The building couldn’t be more than like 15 feet across. And the whole block looked like it extended into the background like that. I figured it was interesting so decided to base a sketch on that. I took the basic shape, did it light in all gesture lines but did the rest later without the reference. In retrospect, I should have fleshed out the people at the cafe & the tree branches on the left better while I had the reference. Yeah, those were supposed to be tree branches.

Ok. Almost caught up…

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