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Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Eh-Uh Eh-Uh.


And as I post this, I am FINALLY caught back up again (at least for the next half hour). Whatta week! Sorry again if anyone was checking day after day expecting the sketches. I probably am the only one stressing out about this. I just don’t want to get complacent about this.

More work from that giant robot storyline I have brewing. Biggest obstacle I have at the moment when it comes to starting this thing is having a mech design I like. I have a tendency to overcomplicate futuristic technical stuff I design. While I love drawing detail, I don’t want too much for this. At the same time, I want something a little stand-out & iconic for this story. This one started out ok with the head, but it started drifting too far into Evangelion territory with the torso & the kind of ‘color’ I was thinking of for the face. I mean I think it works in terms of a design, but not quite for what I want to do with this story. So the head design might be close, but disregard the rest.

Now let me bask in my few remaining moments of being up-to-date once again. Ahhh.

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