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Suddenly, Things Take a Turn for the Worse


I don’t want to get into the habit of making excuses. I’ve been doing the sketches, but because of multiple factors, haven’t been able to upload them until now. Sorry if anyone else was checking back regularly or expecting a sketch. Right now, here are both Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s respectively. Thursday’s & Today’s will follow suit soon after, as I’m still in the scanning process for them, but I’d like to get these two up while I can.

These two are both again for my giant robot story. One is a character you’ve seen before that I’m really just trying to get used to drawing, & the other is one I don’t think I’ve really been able to put down on paper yet. This is pretty close, but still not there yet. Basically, she’s human, but a bit different. And from a planet with an incredibly harsh climate.

This week, I was devoting a lot of idle thought to the way I want this particular story to play out. A lot of what I originally had was just sort of really out there thoughts about what should happen & then specific scenes, but nothing cohesive. Well much earlier this morning, shortly after waking up, I had a random idea that led to me filling in those gaps in a proper, meaningful way. It means that this other girl plays a bigger role in the story, having her own alterior motives & acting more proactively as a catalyst rather than the kind of expository mouthpiece of the weird alien culture. And this probably means nothing to everyone other than myself, but once I get some serious work done on this, it’ll all come together for you.

In the mean time, again, really sorry for the hold up on these. I don’t want to fall into the habit of mass uploading as I know how I get with things like this. It’s all slippery slopes until things don’t get done. Once I get caught up, I’ll go back to my regular schedule.

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  1. 2010/02/06 11:19 pm

    I dunno, I love hearing about/talking about/whatevering about random plot things. It’s a strange passion!

    I love those lucky breaks when you wake up and something just c-c-c-clicks. it thrills me!

  2. 2010/02/07 12:23 am

    I recently added a slightly different element to the conflict a few weeks back & it kind of did most of the work when I sat back & thought about it for a second. But yeah. It’s only happened to me on a few different occasions, but some of my favorite experiences working on things come when I’m getting ideas almost too fast to properly write/type/draw them!

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