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The Future has a Silver Lining


Another day away from my scanner. I’m still trying to draw environments, but can’t scan anything right now. I’ve gotta resort to something I had floating around on my hard drive for this one. It’s a work in progress establishing shot from a very old Void comic I started for my character Slaughterface that was tucked away in a backup of a backup file I had on here. For his own storyline & not from a proper battle. Don’t think it ever got shown though, so here you are. It’s Slaughterface’s camper parked in the abandonded parking lot of like a dirt mall. In this old comic, I was toying with the idea of making the pages gif files with limited looping animations. Like those jumbotrons in the background were going to scroll through over & over on the page.

Speaking of Void, the Speed Death Tourney’s started up over there. Creators submit fresh, brand-y new characters battle in week long comic battles to the death. This time around, they’re going from 48 to 1 lone survivor & champion. Go check it out.

And thanks very much to Steven Sanders! Dude’s awesome!

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