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Drink It In


Wish I could have finished off my first month of daily sketches with a bigger bang, but I have to go away a bit later on & I don’t know if I’d get a chance to scan anything later. And since after all this talk of environments, someone just said who cares what they look like, post one; I did. Trying to think along the lines of that Steampunk Mariner story, I was going for a coastal sort of whaling town, but only got about the inland part done before having to go. I started losing interest & wasn’t quite feeling the architecture I was giving it.  It’s neither really seafront or steampunk at all, lighthouse withstanding. I feel really bleh about the whole thing really. I dunno.

But for now, it’s a sketch. And that’s one month down. Sigh. Today’s aside, hope you’re enjoying what you’re seeing here. Thanks to those who come by every now & again. Thanks very much to all the regulars. And extra special thanks to all those, both online & off, with the reactions & feedback & support & everything. It means a lot. This has so far been pretty fun, although I probably stress myself out a little too much over it at times. The work would probably be better if I wasn’t so strict with it, but the work probably wouldn’t be happening if I was being lax. So hey, to middle ground!

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