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Condensing Fact from the Vapor of Nuance


Kept drawining environments & locales & things of that nature today. I have a few back burned to develop for later sketches but none that I started were really keeping my interest. In lieu of them, I went back to that Snow Crash well again for today’s sketch. Here’s Juanita Marquez as she was first introduced in the Black Sun. I used a halftone to pixelize it. While I really like the idea of the xerox machine flat black & white avatars coming from shitty quality public machines, I put a bit of detail into the sketch & didn’t want to totally flatten it. Well ok. Here, if you’d prefer.

I know there’s a brief description of her but I had a hard time finding it again, so I kinda just winged it on the hair & clothes. I just kind of remember her being very forthright & no-bullshit, & so smart it unintentionally comes off as cold & calculating sometimes. That’s what I was really what I was aiming for with this. In her hand’s the hypercard with the L. Bob Rife Library Data.

Don’t quite know if this will mark a return to doing the Snow Crash sketches for the next few days or not, but check back regardless, wouldja?

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