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When the Universe Turns Badass


On a whim, Witzke & I decided to take an hour & a half drive to Montclair, NJ. First let me say that everyone should have a favorite astrophysicist. Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson just happens to be mine. This evening, we saw him interviewed by Stephen Colbert for free & it was quite rad.

Just before leaving for this thing tonight, I did this little sketch (scanned it rather quick before too). After the interview & a quick Q & A session with the audience, Dr. Tyson held a book signing. While he signed my copy of Death By Black Hole, I told him had I heard him speak at a much younger age, I’d probably be a scientist now; but I ended up doing comics instead. He loudly insisted “No! We need comics too! They’re important!” Then I offered him this sketch as a token of appreciation for what he does & he freaked out. So now, Neil deGrasse Tyson has a sketch I did of him as a Galactus of sorts (thus the mini Silver Surfer), with a bite taken out of Pluto. He asked if he could post it on his facebook. And I told him it’d be an honor. The dude’s badass. And my favorite astrophysicist. He should be yours too.

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  1. 2010/01/30 2:41 am

    Man, that’s just so awesome.

  2. squid permalink
    2010/01/30 7:30 pm

    That story is amazing… and I just noticed that he’s the Nova Science guy.

  3. 2010/01/30 11:12 pm


    Yeah, squid, that’s the dude alright!


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