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The Bearstranauts have gone Ape-Crap! The Mission is a Disaster! A Disaster!


Yes. Bearstranaut.

From my sketchbook (thus the weird shadow on the left hand side I couldn’t get rid of) while at a local bar’s trivia night with friends. This is largely a tribute to Brad Neely‘s stuff, which I watch fairly often, but a lot of earlier this evening. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Bearstranauts, please watch the third segment of this (& check out more while you’re there if you haven’t already). While in my opinion not nearly as great as the Professor Brothers series of shorts he does, but still pretty great. Yes, that is the head of a dead scientist in the helmet. I don’t quite know how the bite would be taken out of the jaw, but strangely, for me, it works. Totally going for one of those astronaut press shots with this & I think that part turned out nice. Sorry it’s so halfassed though as I was kind of out & about. More soon.

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  1. 2010/01/28 10:43 pm

    this bear has a very convincing face!

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