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Don’t Wanna Die Without Any Scars


Taking that break from Snow Crash characters for a bit. While I did draw more than just characters today (I was planning on doing another city shot but it was getting too complicated & saved it to finish on a later date), this concept ended up being the best simple thing I did today. It’s more from the same story as shown here. Don’t know quite how I want to pull this thing off, but I’m kind of doing it as a challenge in a way. First, I tried a more expressive, shonen manga-y style with it, as I kind of think that’s what this story would ultimately be. I mean I’m attempting to make this thing “All-Ages” but in the same sense as shonen manga/anime are. Kids would be safe watching it, but if there’s fighting, consequences are going to get shown.

Still kind of toying with this steampunk-y New England Whaler vibe for it too. Considering giving them some sort of hovercraft or airship instead of just a traditional wind powered boat; but still keep it very maritime & everything.

I’ll get back to the Snow Crash stuff shortly. It was just that I’d cover a part of the book & then have a hard time going back & trying to find the description or like I’d sketch & then find more bits that weren’t mentioned earlier & get frustrated. So I need a breather from that, but I’m not done with that yet. I want to draw bits from it. Possibly in comic form, but only after I kind of loosen the load of other things I need to get done first.

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