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My Heart is a Smoking Hole in the Ground


Twofer post, to make up for this weekend. These were done Saturday & Sunday respectively. Saturday night, after sketching the Uncle Enzo sketch, I ended up getting really tired really quickly (I’ve been really off my sleep schedule as of late), & instead of driving the hour back to my place, I just ended up crashing at Sean’s (Thanks again). Sunday morning, I came home, posted that thing making excuses & then had to turn around to go to something some other friends were doing, where I did most of the Vitaly Chernobyl sketch. I came home from there with ample opportunity to post, but my scanner started acting up much like it did the other day. So basically, I said fuck it, & played a little Tekken & watched some movies before falling asleep.

Now, after a fresh restart, I was able to get both images scanned, so here they are. Didn’t really use the book much to help get descriptions for these guys, so I mean it’s pretty much just what I interpreted from memory. When discussing what Uncle Enzo should look like with Sean, in my mind’s eye I kinda saw Harvey Keitel in Mean Streets, only had DeNiro not been such a fuck up, you know? And while I didn’t quite capture that in the face, it’s pretty close to what I was thinking overall. In fairness though, while cool, he is one of the squarest characters in the book. I mean you got samurai & skaters & rap stars. Overall, he’s just sorta this generic mafioso, you know?

When it came to Vitaly Chernobyl, for some reason I couldn’t help but think of the Eugene Hutz analog in Wristcutters, before he accidentally offed himself. I gave him some scruffy facial hair like that too, but it didn’t come out in the scan. I guess it’s maybe a little more old school punk than what the book really was going for, but I like how the look turned out (not so much the legs & goofy-ass iori pants). The geiger counter & respirator kind of bring it on home for me. The shirt contains two of the four words I know in Russian & it’s supposed to read ‘No Tomorrow’ while he’s shouting the cyrillic for the Ukrainian word for ‘Reverb.’ At least according to google. Why he’d be actually shouting the word? I dunno, irony.

So when I started this, I promised myself I wasn’t going to get too stressed about posting before midnight each day. And then I did. So I’m sorry if anyone else’s disappointed by everything getting posted late. But I did draw! Chances are, you don’t give a shit & I’m making a bigger deal out of it than is needed. Still, I’m a little pissed at myself.

Also, while I’m really digging doing these Snow Crash sketches, I’m falling into this rut of just character sketches again. So I might take a break & then come back to this after a bit. We’ll see. I haven’t sketched anything yet for today.

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  1. 2010/01/25 11:44 am

    Deadlines get us working! So don’t stress too hard, but it’s good you stress a bit, or not things wouldn’t get done (maybe? PERSONAL EXPERIENCE TALKIN’ HERE.)

    That said, I really dig the respirator. That whole area there kinda ties up the pic nicely.

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