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“Sushi K Rap Has All Most Pretty”


Another Snow Crash character. And while he’s only briefly mentioned, he’s gotta be one of the more interesting characters: Sushi K. I guess in 1992, a Japanese Rap act seemed much more of a novel idea than it does now. I mean there’s a bunch out there. Only a handful seem ok (or amazing in the case of DJ Krush, although he’s not an MC), but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there. And with all the otaku subculture bullshit structure in place, I’m sure they’d stand a much better chance of cracking the market than in the book too. Still, Sushi K’s pretty fun. With “hair bigger than a galaxy”, instead of guns & booty, this dude’s rhymes are more about his viability in (what’s left of) the American marketplace. And to turn a phrase, said rhymes are delightfully whack, & serve as a soundtrack to Hiro checking out a gutted corpse that helps to set the main plot in motion.

If there’s a description of what he’s wearing, I either tuned out or missed it entirely. Only thing that seemed to be clearly mentioned is his lightshow afro. With Sean‘s suggestion, I opted to go with two items that seemingly contrast the facets of hip hop in the early 90’s (when this book was written). Therefore, he’s got the tracksuit & the bulletproof vest. I’m sure with all the high tech polymers & alloys mentioned in the book, there’d be a much more imaginative, neater vest to be worn, but at the same time I kinda wanted it to seem easily identifiable. And I imagine the track suit to be velour. Sadly, I do have to say though, that when I first read through the book, my first thought of what Sushi K might actually look like was MC Paul Barman in really racist Breakfast at Tiffany’s style makeup.

And this is with the afro’s light show off by the way. I was thinking about making it a gif, but it’s a bit too late right now.

Also, thanks to Sean (despite refering to yesterday’s sketch as being “SO Raven.” Blowhole), & others on Twitter like Stephen Sanders, Jamil Thomas, & Tim Callahan for all the kind words & plugs & what-have-you. While I knew there was a fairly ok-sized audience of Snow Crash fans out there, I didn’t imagine it was as big as it was. People generally seem to be digging what they’re seeing & I’m really glad! If you’ve come here via that, thanks for checking this stuff out! Hope you check back often. There will be more tomorrow.

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  1. 2010/01/23 10:32 pm

    Man, a .gif woulda been raaad.


  1. Traducere – Cântecul lui Sushi K « VeroVers

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