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Poor Impulse Control


Ok… sorry.

Going up a bit late this evening. After feeling sorta bleh all day & working like a dog, I came home, took a nap, woke up, felt remarkably better actually, & was invited over a nearby friend’s to watch Maximum Overdrive. Because it’s freakin’ Maximum Overdrive. I started the sketch while there, though the mechanism in my pencil broke (Like the plunger or whatever is all up inside the pen. Basically, if I press down too hard, the lead pushes right back up into the pencil & it’s goddamn irritating for a heavyhanded jerk like me). Anyway, I got home with about fifteen minutes before midnight. I broke out my spare & busted my ass to get this finished & while rushed, I managed to do so. But then my scanner wouldn’t scan. Like… it’d start to. It’d seem like it’d want to, but then it didn’t go anywhere. I was pissed. I tried digging out my old scanner even to give that a go but I can’t find any of the drivers for it online. It was some old cheapo brand I got from Best Buy like eight & a half years ago, & I think the manufacturer went under. So instead, after wasting about twenty minutes looking for that shit, I said fuck it & went back to finish the sketch up some more. About a half hour ago I said hell, let’s give scanning one more shot. And sure enough, this time around? Worked fine… Fucker. So here is ‘today’s’: late, but here. Sorry if you checked early & missed on the update. Sorry to have to upload it as I did.

This here is Raven, still following the Snow Crash vibe. He’s an Aleut Biker with a nuclear warhead as his side car that’s rigged to blow the instant his brain flatlines. He’s weapons that keep him off radars; like harpoons & glass knives. The streaks on the legs of his jeans were supposed to be from him wiping away blood but I don’t know if it comes across clearly. I tried to get ‘Poor Impulse Control’ on his forehead but it was hard to keep the typeface at this size. The only other drawn version of Raven I could find on the internet didn’t have that. What the hell?

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  1. 2010/01/23 10:30 pm

    Scanner, nooooooo.

    At least you got it done, right? Just pretend you were in a different time zone or something, as the cosmic skies seemed to be against you.

    I’d be scared to meet this dude on a bright street corner, for real.

  2. 2010/01/27 11:17 am

    Really, I just try to be as strict & rigid about these things because I know if I give myself an inch I’ll take a mile next time. And what happened? I fucked up this past weekend, despite it being out of my control. Oh well. The sketches were still done, & that’s the important stuff. Know of any good scanners? haha

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