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Establishing a Precedent of Scary Randomness


Again from Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. As promised, it’s Y.T. She’s a teenaged skateboard courier who uses an electromagnet towrope to harpoon & skitch onto high speed freeway traffic in order to make her deliveries faster.

So since I decided to sketching things from Snow Crash, I looked to see if there was any other sort of concept art stuff floating around out there. Some of it’s real nice. Others, eh. With Y.T., some of them have body armor going on like Mass Effect or the Centurions even. Others give her like an early 80’s bubblegum crisis punk get up. There’s nothing wrong with either of those takes, but at the same time, they really don’t seem to fit the description the book gives. So I tried to stick kinda close. For instance, there’s a couple of occasions when they talk about the amount of barcodes & passports & things that she’s got fastened to her coverall in order to help get her into places. And yeah, it is supposed to be pseudofuturistic or whatever, but I always assumed coverall just meant coverall, not body armor. Sure it’s got the gel padding at the joints & airbags & whatnot, but nothing too complicated. Also, this girls spends a majority of her time either on or alongside major roadways. Roads get pretty grubby. So I tried to throw in some exhaust grime in there as well.

After spending a lot of time on the details, I was going to not color it for a moment there but ended up doing so anyway. I realize her real get up’s supposed to be orange & blue but I got a color scheme to maintain here. You get the idea.

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  1. 2010/01/23 10:10 pm

    I really dig how wearable her outfit seems. The details on the barcodes and stuff are neat. I dig her haircut and her goggles, obviously, ahaha.

    Keep up this work, man! It’s pretty inspiring.

  2. 2010/01/27 11:12 am

    Maybe it was because I read it about ten years after it was written, but Snow Crash never seemed overly futuristic to me. I always saw her in something more modern than the hard shell armor things other people seemed to be drawing her in. Something padded but something you could move fairly easily in. I don’t know. But thanks!!

    And since you mentioned goggles, did you make yours? They’re rad.

  3. 2010/02/26 5:59 pm

    Hey Jared,

    i love your Snow Crash paintings! Snow Crash is a great book , i could read it on and on, Hiro is such a cool character… and your Y.T here looks awesome!

    May i use a picture on my weblog? I would love to show your works to some other Nerds ;)

    cheers, Chris

    • 2010/02/26 6:40 pm

      Sure, so long as you give stephenson credit for creating the character & me for drawing that, I don’t mind a bit!

      Thanks for asking

  4. 2010/02/26 6:57 pm

    Thx! ..have to sleep now, will creat a small post tomorrow.

  5. фйбй permalink
    2010/05/17 9:31 am

    I’m reading Snow Crash write now and its awesome. Y.T. is my favorite character and I love this picture of her. I’m thinking about making an outfit like hers, if I do it will look something like this. Can I put your picture on my facebook?

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