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The Whiteness of the Whale Pales in Comparison


After feeling the past two sketches I posted sucked, I decided to try & spend some time on today’s. But then I was either fucking up or losing interest on whatever I was sketching halfway through. So instead, I resorted to drawing some quick concept sort of stuff for yet another story idea I’ve had brewing, & it just ended up being some of the better things I sketched today. Well, aside from some things I can’t quite show yet, anyway.

This story could possibly be all-ages if I really wanted it to be. The kid on the right hand side would essentially be the protagonist (though he may end up with the Beethoven hair on the left, not sure. It’d be nautically themed, but definitely not that generic pirate sort of thing everyone gravitates toward. If anything it’d kind of have a more North Atlantic Mariner/Whaler kind of vibe instead, while being kind of steampunk-y too.

The original inspiration for this story came from listening to Mars Volta’s Son et Lumiere going into Inertiatic ESP:

In other news, is holding a commission drive to raise funds to support the victims of the Haitian Earthquake Disaster. If you’re an artist willing to pitch in, or you just want some nice art AND still be able to do something good with your money? Click this. Some other voiders have talked about matching donations too, so any coin you drop will go that much further.

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