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1/100 Times it goes into Weird Murder Spasms


Did some sketches today but I have to resort to something I did a little while ago, as I wouldn’t have been able to finish up the sketch I had going for today.

Another idea I had for an character, but way, way older. Actually almost as old as the Slaughterface Q. Saskatchewan character that’s already on there. Basically the elevator pitch for this character’s half-chunky eskimo girl/half-transformer. Really, if anything, she’s more of a glorified Inspector Gadget. While human, her arm could transform into a laser or a rocket launcher or a Jesse Venture style vulcan cannon if she wanted. In fact, the whole idea was that it was never the same thing twice intentionally. Kinda like Aaron Stack in Nextwave, but not as off-the-wall with like scissors & chainsaws & mallets. I kept having big plans on & off. At the moment, it’s more off but I don’t think this sketch ever got to see the light of day so here it is now.

This sketch is old. Sorry. I’ll updated this with some fresh stuff tomorrow.

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