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Heart Full O’ Napalm


Another character from another story I’ve been threatening to do, but never did any of the concept or design stuff for. Or if I did, it was never in full. So here we are finally. Started this one last night before bed & spent a little time on it as I finished it up today. With Book of Eli coming out, I’m sure people’d give this one look & be like: ‘he was just inspired by that’. But this is something I’ve been kicking around from way before. If anything, watching all the previews & trailers for the movie just kicked my ass into finally getting to work on this thing. Book of Eli does look awesome though; go check out the stuff artist Chris Weston did on it at his blog.

Don’t quite have a name for this guy just yet, but I’ve got a few ideas. The tone of the story’s in a way sort of post apocalyptic but in other ways not. Generally, I think more in terms of pockets, each with varying degrees to how messed up things are. This guy’s essentially a bandit in that sort of an environment. He does a lot of scavenging to get by, as he wanders the landscape. Just like everyone in post apocalyptic fiction does. Because frankly, at the end of the world, all the cool kids don’t shelter in place. Look at Mad Max.

Originally, my inner anime kid was all like ‘he can be like a ninja’ & I had pictured him with two wakizashis. But with some rational thinking today, I pondered something as I was drawing this.

What I want to know is in all of these stories that take place after civilization’s gone to complete shit, where the hell are all these fine, expertly-crafted Japanese weapons coming from? Don’t get me wrong! I, more than anyone else, love a good katana now & again! Way, way, way more than the next guy, in fact. But seriously! When the shit goes down, are there really going to be that many out there to have? It’s not like they’re all over the place. And the ones you find at the cutlery store at the mall or a comic con? Sorry. The carvings & shit are nice, but they’re mostly junk & just weighted for absolute shit. Only place I think you could get your hands on a proper one is like an art museum. But it’d be old. Like real old. And you’d have to be quick. And seriously, who’d be the first one to get that? The guy thinking ‘Oh. The shit’s going down. Best leg it down to the Met & get me some blades to ward off the mutants &/or zombies.’ Actually, I would probably be that guy. Nevermind.

Anyway, instead of the wakizashi combo, I opted to give him two big fuckoff makeshift machetes. The red streaks on them could be blood or rust if you’d like, though frankly I don’t know if the thought of one’s any less disturbing than the other. You know, Tetanus.

Like any good scenario, I’m sure every writer/artist/creator out there’s got their own post apocalypse story brewing or out there. Really, all the best ones I can think of are really just samurai, cowboy, &/or war stories where creators just don’t have to be historically accurate. And call me simple, but I like that.


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