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Order up some Violent Quiche


More concept kind of stuff. This guy is named King Werewolf. Misnomer though as he isn’t actually a werewolf. While a friend I’ve explained him to tried to get me to think bigger with this guy, I’ve been intending to use him for  Basically, he’s a reaction to some of void’s other creator’s characters. Sometimes I see people saying ‘my character’s SO this or SO that.’ I’ve been guilty of doing it at times too. But Werewolf here’s all about demonstrating his more extreme qualities through his actions in comics. Very violent comics. Void was started as a comic battle site after all.

While he’s obviously got some crazy back story that resulted with the bandages & gangrenous complexion, he’s otherwise as much of a blank slate for me too at the moment. Just a really ill-tempered homeless man. Quite possibly the ubiquitous bum sitting on the street of everyone’s fancy two point perspective corner shot on their very first intro page. I kid I kid.

Anyway, they’re having an event over there called Sudden Death Tournament. All the matches result in death of the loser’s character. Werewolf would work quite well in that kind of a situation I think. But I always end up blowing it on special event battles over there. Hell I mostly end up blowing it on regular ones. So this is all just initial thought process sort of stuff at the moment. I got until the end of the month to decide.

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