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Out to Rock the Globe While It’s Still Here to Rock


Well I was happy up until about 40 minutes ago.

You see, after all that conceptualizing & sketching yesterday for this project I’ve been working on, I was going to post what I think is going to be pretty much the final design of the main character of that story & I was quite happy with the way it all seemed to turn out but you see, photoshop had to go & start acting up like a punkass bitch. It took forever to do really basic things & now (even though I promised I wouldn’t be rushing to post my daily sketches before midnight) I’m rushing to get this thing up & posted. You suck, photoshop. I hope you know that. You jerk.

Anyway, this is the main character for a comic I’ve got brewing. She’s intended to be an adult, but petite. May have made her look a little too short here. Brash, arrogant, & violent; very shoot-first-ask-questions-later sort. In her hand is a helmet. Floating above her head is the holographic interpretation of a computerized brain implant only she can see. They hate each other. But like a certain hairy Canadian, the two of them are also the best at what they do.

More soon.

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