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Spent most of the day working on things that will hopefully see the light of day some point. For warm ups though, instead of the usual things I have been posting, I needed to conceptualize some giant robot head ideas for a project I’ve got planned.

So these were some of the ideas going. They’re generic, but based on different types you see out there these days in different anime & stuff. I mean I have an idea of what I want, but I wanted to flesh out a broad range to kind of mess around & mull over. While none of them are probably going to end up being the final design, if I had to pick a current favorite for this particular project, I’d think it’d be the bottom center or the top right. Something on the more minimalistic side for the robot’s external bits, but in a way, kind of iconic. Of these sketches though, I do really like how that profile halfway down the page turned out. Oh & the Briareos looking face at the bottom was more about wanting to draw Briareos than an option for my thing.

Once I do start getting some of the design work squared away, expect to see bits & pieces of the resulting project in the coming months.

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