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Pinky Out


Sure, I’ve drawn her before but so what? With apologies to Jamie Hewlett, this is Whitey Action from his serialized Get the Freebies comics. It was something he did between Tank Girl & the Gorillaz & it’s pretty rad. The story involves Whitey (yeah. that’s her name) & Bruce Lee wannabe named Terry Phoo that fight mutants in the future; usually at or around a club with lots of drugs & depravity. I don’t know how many of these comics there were. They’re rare & as a matter of fact, I don’t think they’ve ever had an official release anywhere outside of UK other than maybe like, Spain or something. But goddammit I wanna collection.

They put together a pilot for a BBC series a few years ago. I dug it, even though I don’t think it came close to the comics in terms of sheer madness. It was more silly fun than anything. Apparently it got picked up but then shit fell apart so last I heard it wasn’t happening. Jerks. For me, it seemed like a way better alternative to the new Dr. Who’s & whatever that spinoff is that’s written by the slashfic fangirls. Yeah. That one. Least Phoo Action had kung fu, muppets, & hot pants innuendo.

At any rate, catch you tomorrow. Same battime, same batchannel.

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  1. 2010/01/10 12:10 am


  2. 2010/01/10 7:16 am

    Dunno if there’s even enough pages all-in to warrant collection. Ran for a year in THE FACE, maybe ten issues out of twelve, usually for just a page or two. Could only be collected in some sort of wider context.

  3. 2010/01/15 11:19 pm

    I did watch the tv pilot a few times, it was pretty fun. Shame, shame, shame.

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